In this modern day, need for information & knowledge transcends physical boundaries & cultural barriers. Team Jobs offers training in a format that allows trainees to experience familiar interaction of Class-room training by not being available in the same room. Virtual Class rooms where Trainer & Trainees assemble & interact in pursuit of knowledge & information.

It is an easy way to join a live classroom session. Students can log in from their homes and virtually join the class on Webinar. The classroom session will be streamed online for the virtual classroom subscribers. The instructor will be simultaneously teaching a physical and virtual class. After the session ends, the instructor will take questions from the virtual students and clarify any doubts.

  • Flexibility : Access to attend the course from anywhere via internet – No travel required – cost effective.

  • Learning Experience : Virtual classrooms are an interactive, two-way learning experience.

This technology is tested and proven over a period of time & finds acceptance with thousands of organizations across the world & millions of people benefiting from it.

Hardware / Software Requirements

Any PC / Laptop with a sound card with headphone attached microphone and connected to Internet (speed should be at least 512 Kbps)